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Self Assessment

The new self-assessment tax return, is an ever changing system that can baffle newcomers and seasoned businessmen alike. When HMRC comes calling to take a look at your books, BrooksCity can make sure you aren’t getting bullied out of your earnings.

It is important to file your self-assessment on time, as hefty fines have already been handed out to thousands of people across the U.K. due to confusion over dates and amounts. We can make sure you submit your tax return in a timely fashion, accurately and that you aren’t missing out on allowances or deductions.

Employment income, pensions, gains, investments or property, it doesn’t matter where your income is coming from. You earned it, it’s yours, and BrooksCity can make sure you don’t overpay in tax.

We will evaluate your situation quickly and efficiently, determine what you owe, and deal with HMRC on your behalf if needed to give you peace of mind. We’re happy to explain our process to you carefully, and answer any questions you may have about the self-assessment system.

Don’t dread the month of January any more. Contact us and rest at ease!


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