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International Tax Planning

At BrooksCity we understand the complexities of international tax; working, operating a business or having assets abroad. From Double-Taxation agreements to making sure you or your business is in complete compliance with the UK government concerning expansion, whether it be inward or outward.

We can offer you unrivaled international tax advice on the country that best suits your business and financial goals, while offering clear and concise advice on structuring to maximize your firm’s prosperity abroad as well as in the U.K. The team at BrooksCity is poised to assess any liabilities based on the jurisdiction in which you choose to reside, operate or work in.

As for your employees and executives, it is important to get it exactly right when transferring them abroad. You don’t want to jeopardize the future of a trusted member of your team, risk a complication when dealing with VAT or lose out on potential savings in regards to international tax benefits. The potential international tax burden of transferring an executive or employee to the U.K. is also an important decision for your business, a decision that warrants expert advice from the professionals on our team.

Whether it be property-ownership, transfer rates or general advice on international tax, calling or dropping into BrooksCity is the smart decision when looking to expand your business abroad.


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