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Property Accountants in London

Accounting and tax services for landlords, estate agents and property professionals

Property tax can be difficult to navigate. Our specialized and experienced accountants have guided many property owners and estate managers through immensely intricate tax challenges. Partner with us for peace of mind, a holistic assessment of your needs and creative solutions to thrive in the property sector.

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Property Accountants for Landlords in London

Need help navigating the intricacies of property and estate tax?

Getting correct tax advice is vital to the success of a rental property. For years the specialized landlord accountants at BrooksCity have helped property owners across the UK get their taxes right, the first time.

We ensure your taxes are prepared on time and that all allowances and reliefs you are entitled to are applied. Letting a property should be an investment for life, and we can help make that happen.

Don’t leave the tax side of property management to just anyone. We approach your property income and tax holistically to ensure your entire situation is taken into account. Whether you’re managing multiple properties, or just starting out, our specialist property accountants are the partners you need.

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London’s Trusted Accountants for Estate Agents & Developers

Property development and estate management are intense and complex industries. Managing subcontractors, project planning and financing are just some of the enormous tasks undertaken by property developers and estate agents across the UK.

Not surprisingly, managing property as a developer or agent is not easy. The balancing act required to succeed in this sector shouldn’t include becoming a tax pro.

Among our property accounting services, we can help you:

  • Efficiently structure your company as a limited company or personal seller
  • Complete the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)
  • Find the right property bridging and financing solutions
  • Determine the rates of VAT and tax for subcontractors and employees on your projects
  • Completely manage Capital Gains tax, SDLT and tax relief options for your properties
  • Build better tax strategies and business plans

Our tailored business and property tax solutions aim to benefit clients of different sizes.

Just starting out? Seasoned estate agent or property developer?

Our accountants for property developers have the tools and accounting experience to nurture your property investment goals now and for the future.

Why clients love our
property accountancy services

Over the years we worked with hundreds of limited companies, sole traders, contractors, landlords, charities and partnerships in London and across the UK. We’re proud to have made a difference in the lives of these bold entrepreneurs and to be part of their success story. Our testimonials reflect the hard work we put in every day to delight our customers and provide a stellar service.

  • — Amit Trivedi
    “Solid, reliable service for simple & complex needs - the entire BrooksCity team have been great at looking out for my interests”

  • — Pat Carty
    “I expect my accountants to be knowledgeable, professional, prompt and easy to reach, Brookscity provides this and more.”

  • — Mandy Murdoch
    “Over the last two years they have provided me with an efficient accountancy service - frequently adapted to suit my changing requirements.”

  • — Neil Gibbons
    “They will help you forward plan, advise you on tax planning and give great accounting advice for you or your business year after year.”

  • — Clive Jackson
    “It was a refreshing change to find a company who take an interest in every aspect of my business and beyond with advice and solid accounting practices.”

  • — Jon Lobo
    “Finding a good accountancy firm can be a challenge however I was impressed with the professionalism and service from BrooksCity.”

  • — Paul D.
    “In a short space of time they have provided me invaluable tax planning advice, with in depth knowledge of latest personal and business tax regulations.”

  • — Stina D.
    “Professional and proactive accountants which also provide a personal touch.”

  • — John Gavan
    “Brookscity, are an outstanding accountancy and taxation practice. Highly experienced, and fully conversant with the latest legislation.”
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Expert Advice on Stamp Duty & Land Tax (SDLT)

You must pay the SDLT surcharge when buying property in England and Northern Ireland. Changes over the years have complicated the SDLT and navigating it on your own could be a costly mistake.

Avoid unexpected charges with our specialized real estate accountants who will diligently search for allowances and reliefs that apply to you.

You may be eligible for the first time buyers relief, or a deduction for multiple property ownership. We’ll be your partners in structuring a tax plan suited directly to your needs.

Our diverse property client base has enabled us to offer the best tax and planning advice for:

  • First time buyers
  • Clients seeking multiple dwelling relief (MDR)
  • Partnerships & companies
  • Limited companies
  • Developers and landowners
  • UK Residents & Non-Residents
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Selling Property and Capital Gains Tax Services

Planning on selling a property? Don’t get lost in the process, and don’t overpay in capital gains tax!

We’ll help you get the most accurate picture of what you will owe in capital gains tax, and why.

It’s extremely important to understand what you might owe before you sell. Different strategies offer better value based on your circumstances. We won’t silo your situation, but instead explore the best structuring options that apply to you to minimize your capital gains tax.

We work with first time sellers, those who buy and sell frequently and even clients who aren’t sure but may sell in the future. No matter your situation, if selling is an option you are considering, we can make planning capital gains tax easier.

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Safeguarding Your Inheritance and Investment

Many property owners want their property to keep working for them, even after it’s been passed on to a loved one or someone close.

You don’t want them inheriting problems like expensive inheritance tax bills, or surprise liability.

Protect your investment with help from one of our property accountants in London who specializes in inheritance tax and investment property.

It matters who you’re passing the property on to, but also when. Understanding the relief options that are available is key in long term property planning.

Planning on leaving property to loved ones? Need help navigating property tax on a property you recently inherited? We’re the team you need on your side, even if your planning is in it’s early stages.

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Accountants for Airbnb and Short-Terms Rentals

Airbnb can be a great way to earn flexible income on your properties. The market is new, and for many renters the tax schemes in place are tough to navigate.

Expenditures, tax relief and pinpointing exactly what you owe based on your earnings are areas where a specialized accountant can help. Clients often approach us seeking advice on short-term rentals accounting, and whether or not they can be an asset.

Airbnb and short-term renting can be great investment choices if you have property in high demand areas. It’s also a fantastic option if you want to renovate your property over time while still getting rental income.

There are allowances, deductions and tax relief measures to be snatched up too, but you need to know where to look.

We will tailor a plan made just for you, and be the advisors you need to thrive in this fast-paced, high growth market.

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The Let Property Campaign – How we Make it Work for You

There are many reasons property tax may go unpaid, either in part or in full. The Let Property Campaign was designed to be a lenient way for rental property owners and landlords to pay what is owed in property tax.

If HMRC were to investigate and discover unpaid property tax, the penalties could mean financial ruin for many developers, landlords and rental property owners. The campaign offers a better option, that much is clear, but without proper guidance you could still end up paying more in tax.

As with all regulation, liability and compliance measures that affect our clients, we are current and knowledgeable. Taking a chance on navigating any tax reduction program could still adversely affect your investment.

Our dedicated property tax specialists will assess your liability, unpaid amounts and overall tax situation – leaving nothing to chance.

If you have questions about the program, reach out to us. Our services go beyond the everyday bookkeeping and tax planning.

Our experts have reduced tax bills and shrunk administrative burdens for clients in your situation many times before. Avoid the headache, and work with an expert from our team to make sure dealings with HMRC are fair for you.

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