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Accountants for Doctors, Dentists and Clinics

A medical practice of any kind, from a small dental clinic or doctor’s office to a large chain of optics shops, always need to augment returns from the NHS and take advantage of tax deductible expenses to increase profitability and expand. Our team of specialist accountants in London knows the ins and outs of the healthcare field’s tax system, as well as offer a range of services to our clients in the industry.

We’ll handle the corporation tax, payroll and financial planning as well as help you towards your goal of a comfortable retirement or expansion if you’re nowhere near ready to sit back and relax when there are patients to see and people to help.

Your patients and clients matter most, and helping them requires you to operate efficiently and earn a living while taking care of your employees. We can’t help your patients, but BrooksCity’s specialist medical accountants can ensure you aren’t paying too much in tax, aren’t missing out on valuable deductions and that all your payroll and accounts are up to date and completely accurate.


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