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Accounting and tax services for companies and individuals in East London

Let us take the hassle and complexity out of all things accounting and tax while you focus on growing your business. We believe it’s not just all about the numbers but about getting some clarity, peace of mind and having fun while running your company.

Accounting can be difficult, especially if you are a business owner who has to worry about calculating tax obligations, monitoring income from clients, payroll, and a hundred other things.

As a professional accountant in East London and South East London, BrooksCity can help you secure the financial health of your firm. With our team of chartered accountants by your side, you’ll have the opportunity to increase revenue and maximize tax savings.

Trusted Accounting Services
in East London


Good bookkeeping is a fundamental and essential business practice but also an administrative burden. Our bookkeepers help you keep up with daily accounting activities so that you can focus on what you do best – marketing and growing your business. Save time and money while staying compliant and organized. The best of both worlds.


UK businesses that trade as limited liability partnerships or limited companies must be able to show a breakdown of their annual financial history. Similarly, those who are self-employed should be able to evidence their profits when filing the annual tax returns. We help you meet these obligations by ensuring that you submit accurate accounts on time.


In our complex tax system it’s crucial to stay up to date with latest legislation and HMRC rules if you want to take advantage of all the deductions available to your business. Our expert staff is hard at work making sure you only pay what is right. Besides, we can also help you employ key tax planning strategies specific to your needs and the inner working of your business.


Payroll can be quite the challenge for small businesses and take away your focus. You have to keep up with ever-changing payroll regulations, correctly fill out many forms and ensure your employees are paid on time. With BrooksCity at your side, you can rest assured that payroll is in safe hands.


Many businesses rely on management accounts to make informed decisions that maximize growth, drive performance and address any issues that come up. BrooksCity prepares management accounts as often as you need, taking into account organizational goals and business metrics.


Measuring financial performance is a crucial aspect of running a business. It helps you understand your current financial standing and how future decisions will affect profitability and growth. From sales margins to investments, we give you the real story behind your finances.

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Why clients choose
our accounting firm

What really sets us apart is that we’re a small team of East End accountants with a relentless focus on providing best in-class service.

Because of our size we can spend more time with each of our clients, getting to know them and understand their business. We’re so confident you’ll love our service we even offer a full money back guarantee.

Benefits of working with our Chartered accountants in East London are:

  • Know your profits, how much tax is due and when
  • Knowing what is yours and when you can take it
  • Up to date accounts and tax information online
  • Run your company from anywhere and any device
  • Never miss or file another late tax return
  • Online portal, chat and videoconferencing to talk to us

Client testimonials

Hundreds of companies and individuals across East London trust us for our wide range of accounting and tax services. These testimonials reflect the hard work we put in every day to delight our clients and make managing their accounts easier.

  • — Amit Trivedi
    “Solid, reliable service for simple & complex needs - the entire BrooksCity team have been great at looking out for my interests”

  • — Pat Carty
    “I expect my accountants to be knowledgeable, professional, prompt and easy to reach, Brookscity provides this and more.”

  • — Mandy Murdoch
    “Over the last two years they have provided me with an efficient accountancy service - frequently adapted to suit my changing requirements.”

  • — Neil Gibbons
    “They will help you forward plan, advise you on tax planning and give great accounting advice for you or your business year after year.”

  • — Clive Jackson
    “It was a refreshing change to find a company who take an interest in every aspect of my business and beyond with advice and solid accounting practices.”

  • — Jon Lobo
    “Finding a good accountancy firm can be a challenge however I was impressed with the professionalism and service from BrooksCity.”

  • — Paul D.
    “In a short space of time they have provided me invaluable tax planning advice, with in depth knowledge of latest personal and business tax regulations.”

  • — Stina D.
    “Professional and proactive accountants which also provide a personal touch.”

  • — John Gavan
    “Brookscity, are an outstanding accountancy and taxation practice. Highly experienced, and fully conversant with the latest legislation.”

Let’s grow your business together

Whether you’re looking to focus more on core aspects of the business or you need a partner who brings life to your figures and helps you grow profitably, our East London accounts team is here to support you in any way we can.