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Business Plan Writing

When it comes to business plan writing there is no single best approach. Your business is unique and every situation you are faced with, different. This calls for a personalized approach which is why at BrooksCity we first like to get to know you and your company. We take the time to truly understand your pain points and help you plan ahead to achieve your targets. We’ll write your business plan according to your needs and not the other way around. Looking to key-in on a particular area? Not a problem, we can do that too.

We know a startup can be overwhelming and the last thing you’re thinking about is writing a 50 page business plan full of statistics. That’s why we offer a unique one-page business plan service to get you started. We’ll map out the main points, help you develop your business model and laser focus on your target market. If you already own a business this can be great way to give you a sense of direction.

Sound business planning goes beyond a sole endeavour. Relevant, timely and accurate information is a necessity. Going forward, we can help you refine and expand your business plan, track objectives, create a sound company budget and monitor performance. If you’re looking to raise external funding we can tie everything in to cash-flow and financial forecasts to support your efforts.

Along with our accounting services we will not only help you reach your goals but exceed them. We look forward to working with you, confident in the knowledge that you will soon become another very satisfied client.


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