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Record keeping is a fundamental and essential business practice. In fact, failure to keep proper company accounting records can disqualify you as a Company Director and result in a fine of up to £3,000 by HMRC. Also, if you file an incorrect tax return as a result of inaccurate records you will get an extra tax bill.

Recent statistics show small businesses can spend up to a quarter of their admin time in bookkeeping tasks. As a business owner your focus should be on growth and business development.

If you need help, BrooksCity is the ideal choice for companies looking for bookkeeping services in London. Our complete accounting and bookkeeping solutions will save you both time and money.

What’s included in our bookkeeping services?

We understand that bookkeeping is a time consuming endeavour that puts a strain on small companies anxious to grow. Our priority is not only to get your books in order, but to ensure they remain that way. We strive to keep your business compliant and growing.

Here is what’s included in your bookkeeping service:

  • Systemize and classify all your receipts of money sent and received
  • Account and list all your assets in a concise manner
  • Accurate and correct categorization of all goods and services sold throughout the year
  • Accurate account of your inventory and available stock if applicable
  • Year-end submissions to HMRC are ready in time, completely accurate and above board
  • Your books and accounts comply in their entirety to the Companies Act
  • Logging of purchases and buy orders
  • Filing of your VAT returns on time
  • Streamlined and efficient payroll
  • Year-end statutory accounts and financial statements
  • We’ll help you set up the best accounting software for your business

You will also be working with dedicated member of our team, a London bookkeeper who will be on the lookout for available deductions. In turn, this may help reduce the amount of tax you will owe come year-end resulting in extra savings for you.

Online Bookkeeping Services

Every package we offer includes the following online services:

  • Mileage Tracker
  • Receipt Manager
  • Secure access to your online portal
  • View your tax information online
  • Direct banks feeds (No need to send us statements)
  • Email takings from EPoS tills.

You will be able to access your accounting information online at any time or submit documents to us. Plus this way you can reduce the clutter of keeping paper records.

How much does a London bookkeeper cost?

We work on a fixed fee basis so you will always know in advance what to expect. Our fee varies according to your monthly transaction volume and any extra services you sign on.

We’re so sure you will love our bookkeeping services that we offer a full money back guarantee.

The “initial” guarantee is a thank you for putting your trust in us. This is a three month period during which you if you decide our firm is not the right one for you we resign and refund all fees charged to you.

The “ongoing” guarantee is if we do not perform as promised in the service level agreement we refund the double of that month’s fee.

Why work with our London bookkeepers?

Our care and understanding extend far beyond accounting and bookkeeping services. Our Chartered Accountants in London have a high level of expertise and can provide sound financial advice, business planning and industry-specific guidance to your challenges.

You’ll get a bespoke solution, suited to you firms’ unique needs, and benefit from of our gold standard. That is:

  • Maintaining up to date records
  • Knowing at any time your liabilities and when they are due
  • Know what is yours and when you can take it
  • Knowing how much tax is due and when.

In addition, we complete all work in-house, we don’t outsource and we offer unlimited phone and email access. So, you can feel free to call us with all your questions or just to say hi.

Let our professional London bookkeepers help with your bookkeeping so you can get peace of mind and focus on what’s important to you and your business. To get started request a quote here.


Let’s grow your business together

You have a vision; we have plan to help you get there. Let us show you how we can help take your business to the next level. Speak with one of our friendly London accountants by requesting a quote below and we’ll be in touch within 24h or less.