Creative and Media Accountants

Accounting for Creatives and Media

You manage a PR firm, or perhaps a social media marketing business. Maybe you design logos or direct films. In any case, we understand the creative process takes time and focus, don’t spend it fretting over your accounts and how much you have to pay in tax. Focus on your next great creation and leave the number crunching to the artists at BrooksCity. We get creative too, only to increase your profitability and devise clever strategies to help your business or career.

Let us manage the administration duties while you brainstorm and design your next great piece, make a breakthrough on an important script, or sit down with your client to make sure they’re getting exactly what they need from you.

Our professional team can help devise a easy-to-follow strategy for growing your business, saving on tax, and even help you reach customers or work abroad while still making sure HMRC isn’t playing an obstructive role in your process or future.

As an artist of any kind, you and your business can face unique challenges, but accounts and financials need not be amongst them. A personalized and detailed strategy awaits you at BrooksCity, let us find what works best for you.


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