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London Contractor Accountant

Being a contractor in today’s market is no small feat. Not only do you have to be professional, hard-working and devoted, you also need to run your business and stay on top of your accounts. This presents a problem for many contractors as it involves mastering an entirely new, and quite complex skill-set. It can draw attention away from your primary goals as a contractor and cost you money. Fortunately, the expert contractor accountants at BrooksCity can help.

You can stop worrying about the annoying details of the IR35 as well as being hassled by HMRC over minor errors in your reporting and tax documents and instead use your time more wisely to enhance your skill-set, charm new clients and expand your business. We can help you navigate the IR35 changes and set you up in the most efficient manner.

We can help you make the right decisions for your career as a contractor, while analyzing your figures, keeping track of VAT, and accurately manage your bookkeeping for a worry-free experience.

Maybe you’re a consultant, a freelancer, or a software engineer, either way BrooksCity can lend a hand to handle those tedious figures and set you on your way to growing your business as a contractor.


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