Your London Accountants Team

At BrooksCity we may be obsessed with accounts and figures, but our true passion is looking after the people who trust us with their livelihoods.

Our team is diverse, intelligent and incredibly hard-working. We are real people with real passions and hobbies that range from travel and fine dining to enjoying quiet weekends in the countryside.

We know that while money isn’t everything, it’s important to be wise with what you have so you can enjoy a good life. Let us help you plan for the future and protect what you’ve earned.

Sheraz Zaman London accountant

Sheraz Zaman - ACA, MBA


Sheraz offers the best advice to grow your business, dealing with stressful situations that may occur with your accounts. As well as being tasked with Strategic Management and offering top notch tax advice, Sheraz works hard on pro-active approaches and solutions to your problems and concerns.

Hannah Everett London accountant

Hannah Everett

Practice Manager

We’ve mentioned how important our clients, our people, are to us. Well Hannah is our people person. She works tirelessly to keep our clients happy, and resolves any and all issues very quickly indeed. You’ll come to rely on Hannah, just as we have.

Sadia Afreen

Description coming soon

Shaima Amella

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