Social Responsibility

This is an intern program for US students who come to London at the end of their first year at University. We support between one and three interns a year by offering them the experience of working in an accountancy practice, helping them gain specific business training as they go. We look after them and give them valuable skills that will set up them for success in an accounting career.

So far it’s been very rewarding for both our team and the young people working with us. We view the EUSA project as a chance to give something back and not an opportunity for cheap labour.

Our Intern programme includes a prescribed reading list with training; getting them to work on our business rather than in it. More specifically, we give them mini projects to manage and implement plus lots more

Pre-GCSE School Children in Tower Hamlets
We occasionally take some of the pre-GCSE school children on work experience and again we give them basic maths, economics and business training. We believe that anything we can do to help young people receive workplace experience is worthwhile.

Donations to the NSPCC
We currently have a programme in place where BrooksCity makes a donation to the NSPCC for every referral we receive, whether or not that recommendation becomes a client. The NSPCC is currently the leading children’s charity in the UK specializing in child protection. Like the NSPCC we believe every childhood is worth fighting for.


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